This Is How Superheroes Live Their Daily Life Doing Random Things

Superheroes are mysterious creatures. From where do they appear and where do they get lost at the end of the day? This is something really suspicious. Do they do normal human things like us? Do they work out? Or is that 6 pack ab natural?

We don’t know but we sure will love to know! Here are a few illustrations by Colombian artists Fulvio Obregon that describes the life of the superheroes perfectly:

1. Superman surely starts his day with pushups

He loves to keep his body fit. Being a demi God isn’t enough. He has to keep his body chiseled to make it fight ready. He has his own zone where he loves to do pushups. If you have seen the latest Dawn of Justice, you might know that Superman does a lot of “human” things. The best part is that Swiss Ball though, that is also tagged “S”.


2. Batman is in his mode when he does cardio

You can literally see the aggression on his face while he is working out – says a lot about the painter who has beautifully captured the mood of Batman. Unlike Superman Batman is a human so naturally he has to work more to maintain his physique – but he does all that for his Gotham city. That’s what sets him apart.



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