These 8 Minute Exercises Will Tone Your Body And Make It Beach Ready

The biggest challenge for the 20 something is that they have to stay in shape, but they have little or no time in their hands. Really, everyone wishes that they could work out just for 10 minutes and get the fittest body imaginable. Nowadays ain’t nobody got time for gymming, but everyone wants a toned body. It is good to do some free hand exercises at home before you hit the gym. This is why it we have made this list.

Well, if you are obese and weigh a kilo then you need probably more than a free hand exercise. But if you are just 5 to 10 kilos overweight and you want to stay healthy and fit, follow these gym exercises that you can do under 10 minutes daily:

1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are nothing but cardio. They will get the blood pumping and increase your heart rate. The best part? Unlike other cardio workouts you won’t have to do it for hours. You can do this just for 30 seconds. Do this before all other exercises. It will be a fun warm up.


2. Step Up

Step up – step down. You can actually do this any time of the day. When you are taking a break from work at the office or you are simply being by yourself at home. Do this a couple of times. This exercise will actually strengthen your hamstrings and make your hip muscles stronger. Just place your leg on a chair and do up and down a few times.


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