9 Important Things You Should Keep In Mind When Having A Bath

4. Avoid Too Much Soap

Applying too much of soap on your body and face is not good for your skin. Soap has a tendency to absorb oil and dirt which gets washed away by water when you rinse it off but excess of it will only leave your skin looking dull, dry, and lifeless. Restrict the use of soap to oily parts of your body and to areas which are prone to odour like feet, face, groin, and armpits.

having a bath

5. Don’t Shower Immediately Post Exercise

Almost everyone rushes to the shower post exercise. Exercise leaves you drained and all you want to do is run under the water and wash off the smelly sweat to feel fresh and relaxed. However, this is a wrong practice. When you exercise, your body gets warm and if you take a bath immediately after exercising, you may catch cold and cough or even flu in some cases.

having a bath

6. Don’t Use Towel For Too Long

Some people, especially women, take ages to say goodbye to the towel after having a bath. They wrap their hair and body in the towel and spend ample time looking for a suitable dress to wear. What they don’t know is that keeping yourself in a towel can leave your skin feeling dry and also cause excess hair fall if your hair is tied up in the towel for too long.

having a bath

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