9 Important Things You Should Keep In Mind When Having A Bath

7. Limit Use Of Deodorant and Anti-bacterial Soap

Most of us have a habit of using anti-bacterial soaps and applying deodorants immediately after taking bath. This is another of those things that may harm your skin. Using deodorant immediately after having a bath may cause itching, flakiness or even dry skin as the strong aroma and chemicals used in the deodorant may extract the moisture out of your skin. Your skin may also start aging prematurely!

having a bath

8. Always Condition After Shampoo

Many people find it pointless to condition their hair after shampoo. Just like your skin, your hair too ages with time and needs proper moisturization and care. Conditioning the hair after shampoo prevents your hair from getting dry and dull. It also helps your hair in retaining the protein besides making it look shiny and soft.

having a bath

9. Apply A Moisturizer Immediately After Shower

Do not wait for more than three minutes to apply moisturizer to your skin after having a bath. Exposing your skin for too long after shower may allow your skin to lose its precious moisture and your skin may develop cracks thereby making it vulnerable to bacteria and infections.

having a bath