This Miracle Health Drink Can Kill Cancer Cells in Your Body

Cancer is a vile disease affecting many lives across the planet write as you are these lines. Many families have totally broken down because of this disease. It is high time we help each other even if the very little bit that we can. There are many health drinks that are doing the rounds these days. This is a recipe that contains the best of the ingredients and it is very rich in micro nutrients and vitamins that our diet lacks. Most of the diseases are caused by a diet that lacks in the essential elements.

It contains many naturally healthy elements and also tastes amazing. It can also reduce cough and common cold. If it can help even a little bit, to at least one person, it is worth a try. To make this drink, you will need the following things:

1. Organic, raw honey

Honey has the goodness of health. Did you know that if we were stuck with apocalypse today and thousands of years later if somebody discovered our civilization what food would still be preserved? Yes, it’s honey. Honey is such a food that can stay edible for many, many years. It is also extremely good for health and has a lot of nutrients that can supply us with the things we are deficient in. It is also used to make potions and health drinks.


2. Coconut Milk

We all know that Coconut milk has a large number of benefits. In fact, it is rich in one component which is being very much talked about these days – Vitamin B6. We don’t get a lot of Vitamin B6 from a lot of sources nowadays but it does have a lot of benefits. Apart from B6, coconut milks is also rich in Vitamin B1, B5, Vitamin E and C. So, one glass of coconut milk a day and you can say goodbye to all your vitamin supplements.


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