Top 5 Celebrities Get Insurance On Their Body Parts

Celebrities sometimes consider their body parts very precious. This is what makes them go ahead and get insurance done. Not just that, they get some of the weirdest things insured. They deem their assets more than just body parts. They think that it would hamper their star value if these body parts were harmed in some way. Needless to say they think that it has some sort of “business” value.

Here are some of the people who get their body parts insured:

1. Taylor Swift

Not so long ago Taylor Swift was rumored to have her leg insured for 40 million dollars, which later turned out to be true. We all know the singer is known for songs about her exes. Perhaps she should have got her exes insured. LOL! That being said, she has beautiful legs and given that the singer did stand up on her own two feet in New York City all by herself, it only makes sense that she got her legs insured. But 40 million dollars seem like a bit too much, don’t you think?


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