Top Game of Thrones Actors Have This Advice For Their Characters

If you are an ardent follower of Game of Thrones you must have seen the characters often acting restlessly. They seem to be high on childish hormones and act rash. Sometimes you feel like giving them some sound advice, and the actors of the series agree with you. This is what the different Game of Thrones Actors had to say to their character on screen:

1. On trusting yourself

Actress Emilia Clarke feels like her character needs to trust herself more in the show. She really needs to do that. She often does things with a lot of hesitation. So the fans want to tell her that and so does the actress!


2. Why don’t the characters take your advises?

The character really needs to find better women to love. This is an advice many of the fans could also take I’m sure. So at least learn from your characters and don’t make the same mistakes they are making out there.



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