10 Simple Tricks To Help You Fall Asleep Sooner At Night

5. Don’t Look At The Time

Most of us have a habit of checking the clock often when we are unable to sleep. This, my friend, is not a good practice.

Checking the time continuously while coaxing yourself to sleep does not help you in any way; it instead adds to your stress making it difficult for your nervous system to calm down. Hide the clock of simply turn the other way and close your eyes.

fall asleep sooner

6. Force Yourself To Stay Up

Well, this is a kind of reverse psychology and can help you fall asleep sooner. However, this isn’t a long term solution and can only benefit in the short run or for those who are not regular insomniacs.

When you try to force yourself to stay up, there happens a shift of emotions from anxiousness to calming yourself down to sleep. Sleep is something that doesn’t reciprocate positively; the harder you try, the more difficult it is to fall asleep. This method is just a counter productive way of fooling your body into sleeping.

fall asleep sooner

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