10 Simple Tricks To Help You Fall Asleep Sooner At Night

7. Spray Your Room With Lavender Fragrance

Lavender fragrance is very soothing and pleasing to human nose. The pleasant aroma of this flower soothes the nerves and helps in lowering your blood pressure.

Alternatively, you can sniff lavender oil for two minutes at three intervals of 10 minutes before bedtime to help sleep better, as per a study at Wesleyan University.

fall asleep sooner

8. Visualise About Your Favorite Place

Instead of counting sheep, picturing your favorite place like a beach or hill station can help you sleep quickly.

As per a study conducted at Oxford University, subjects who were instructed to visualize their favorite place fell asleep faster as compared to those who were asked to count sheep. Imagining a soothing place that you like helps you relax and deviates your mind from other thoughts that may be stealing your peace of mind.

fall asleep sooner

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