There Are Two Types Of Girls, These 12 Pictures Prove That

We know that there are no divisions and no “types” per se. People are simply as they are. However, these pictures show a clear contrast in the categories. If you are a woman you can associate yourself with either one of these categories. If you are a man, you must have noticed these two types of women and probably have friendzoned one of these types.

So yeah. As hard as it may sound – there IS a type. In fact there’re two actually. Find these for yourself:

1. This is how different girls react to dinosaurs

One is dead scared while another has already planned world domination using them. Which types of girl have you met or you are one?


2. Fitness freak or lousy pig?

Some girls have just the right energy to go about running everyday while the other category never leaves their bed. There are those happy cheerleaders while some of us are happily gorging on our pizzas in bed. Yes, we exist.


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