8 Unhealthy Fashion Choices That Are Slowly Ruining Your Health

Being fashionable and trendy has been of utmost importance for most of us. We keep adding new clothing, shoes, bags etc to our collection in order to stay up to date with the latest trends and not look outdated. However, there are certain fashion trends that have been introduced to add glamour to your personality without paying any heed to the comfort and health factor.

As humans, especially women are getting more conscious of their style and fashion sense, fashion experts and sellers are enjoying a good time by pitching in at the right moment. Nevertheless, you – as a consumer – should always ensure that you wear only what fits you comfortably well and not get bogged down by the peer pressure in terms of fashion. Having said that, let us share how some unhealthy fashion choices are slowly ruining your health.

1. High Heels

You ask a girl for her chocolate and she may refuse but you ask a girl to part with her heels and she will kill you instantly. Girls love their heels and irrespective of the discomfort it causes, they still carry a smile on their face while aping that catwalk in heels. However, not many know that high heels can cause damage to your ankles by weakening your ankle muscles besides leading to instability. Long term wearing of heels can cause nerve and ligament damage in ankles that can cause major problems in your back and legs.

unhealthy fashion choices

2. Flats

If high heels are damaging, flats are no good either. Ballet flats and flip flops may look good to be worn on the beach of in a lounge area, but they also lead to heel pain as they have no cushioning or heel support.

It’s always better to go for cushioned light heels or heel supported sneakers for healthy feet and legs.


unhealthy fashion choices

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