8 Unhealthy Fashion Choices That Are Slowly Ruining Your Health

3. Skinny Jeans

Every girl is crazy about skinny jeans as it renders an oomph factor to your personality and makes you look hot, not to forget the perfect shape it provides. However, skinny denims and tight trousers are one of those unhealthy fashion choices that you should definitely avoid. Such jeans can cause abdominal swelling and discomfort besides inviting yeast infections.

Even men who love skinny jeans should avoid wearing it as it can affect your sperm count and cause thrush.

unhealthy fashion choices

4. Corset and Tummy Control Briefs

Corsets have been in fashion since times immemorial. They are considered one of the best ways to train your waist and giving you an hourglass figure. Similar to the role that corset plays in slimming your waist, there are also tummy control briefs and slimming undergarments that promise to hide your bulges and love handles and smoothen your abdomen while you enjoy flaunting that little black dress around. What will shock you is the fact that there is no scientific proof supporting the use of corsets.

As per a Health magazine, such garments can also trigger issues with breathing and give rise to acid reflux.

unhealthy fashion choices

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