8 Unhealthy Fashion Choices That Are Slowly Ruining Your Health

5. Heavy Earrings

Those funky earrings and danglers are immediate attention grabbers. Irresistibly pretty and trendy, these earrings add volumes to a girl’s beauty, especially in a party. However, be cautious when wearing them as heavy earrings can pull on your ears and stretch out your earlobes, causing its thinning and damage.

To add to this, cheap metal earrings can also cause allergic reactions to your skin.

unhealthy fashion choices

6. Thongs

Thongs are sexy and can be exciting to wear and flaunt but they are one of those unhealthy fashion choices that you should stay away from. According to Medical Daily, women who are prone to vaginal infections have an increased risk of infections if they wear thongs. The reason being, these kinds of underwears are not made out of cotton and hence when they rub on your skin, it can cause tiny tears that invites bacteria in the region.

unhealthy fashion choices

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