Vaginal Discharge: When It’s Normal, When Not

What exactly is vaginal discharge? How often should it occur? Should it occur at all? There’s so much hush, hush about the topic that women’s health issues often remain unaddressed. Here’s all you need to know about vaginal discharge.

First of all it is a very common thing and it is a sign that your vagina is working properly. So there’s no need to fret when you see it for the first time.

1. It is your system’s natural response

Your vagina discharges its fluids to combat infections and bacterial growth. Many experts have said you don’t need to wash your vagina with soap because it does it by itself, through the discharge. If you still have doubts check out the intensity of the flow.

If you have the discharge only at certain areas in your vagina, then it can be a sign of some disease or infection.


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