She Gives Birth To A Baby Boy, But When The Camera Zooms Out I’m Left SPEECHLESS!

An Australian guy has been able to ‘attend’ the birth of his son from a distance of 2,500 miles with the help of virtual actuality headset.

An inevitable work commitment meant that electrical engineer Jace Larke couldn’t be with his wife Alison in their home town of Perth on their son’s due date. On the other hand he’d be in a remote mining town in Queensland, 4,000 kilometers away.

Even though he was not present in hospital in person on the day Alison went into labor, he was able to see the event thanks to virtual headset.

A Samsung team prepared Alison’s hospital room with a variety of cameras, microphones and streaming tools to document the birth of their third son Steele. These were linked to a virtual reality headset that the father had in the remote mining town.

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