10 Ways Girls Rock The Gym With Their Stylish Outfits

Going to the gym can sometimes be pale and mundane. You wear your least gorgeous clothes – because well, you will have to take them off and change in your gym clothes once you are in there. Then you also wear your gym clothes which are sweaty from the previous day. Or if you have better hygiene than me, then you wear new gym clothes every day. Either way, going to the gym is: BORING!

Here’s a fun way you can style it up. We don’t guarantee any attention on the street, but you can definitely get your gym crush to ogle you with this female wardrobe:

1. High waist Yoga Pants

Yoga pants can be fun. The best part about them is that they are stretchable and flexible to do workouts in. Baggy pants may not be fun always but yoga pants are in fashion. So if you solely want to go with trends, then you can try them out once in a while. Don’t go in these every day though – because these are skin tight and your legs need some room to breathe. However, twice a week you can dazzle that gym cutie with your Yoga pants for sure. Check out what other options you have…


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