You Will Never Sleep On The Right Again, After Reading This

We know how important sleep is for us – we have been taught again and again that getting a full night’s keeps us healthier. However, what we do not know is that sleeping on the left side is more beneficial than sleeping on the right. Yes, it actually is! This is why most pregnant women are always advised to sleep on their left side and not on their right. Sleeping on your left side is actually better for everyone whether pregnant or not!

Why, you ask? Then read on:

1. Sleeping on your left can literally save your life!

No, it is not us who are saying this, it is Dr. Johan Douillard. He has recently published a study titled “how sleeping on the left side of your body can save your life”. He tells us that sleeping on the left side is not just beneficial but actually can help stop a lot of diseases from happening. In fact, it is how nature intended for us to sleep. Sleeping on the right side can actually cause a lot of harm to our body – mankind was not made to sleep that way. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.


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