This Woman Breastfeeding Another Woman’s Child Is Breaking The Internet Right Now

When it comes to breast feeding, many people have many views. Recently people were seen objecting to breast feeding in public – while people took to social media to protest that ‘a baby’s natural food isn’t offensive’. It is true that there’s a lot of conditioning around the subject, but it is also true that breast feeding is medically the only food a child can have up to at least 6 months. During this period the infant has to rely on mother’s milk itself.

So how can we differentiate it and call this process awkward? Everyone’s had it! A mother’s milk is nutritious and strengthens the immune system. But people have their prejudices. There are a gallant few who have been fighting prejudices and going ahead to share their precious milk with others’ children as well.

1. Meet Meg

She’s from Australia. Once, when her sister was unavailable due to her day job, she had to take up the responsibility of her infant nephew. She used to feed him from the bottle itself, but one day the baby just wouldn’t have it. Hours passed and the baby was hungry. So she then decided to feed the baby milk from her own breast. It worked! The baby slept within minutes.


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