What Women’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Them…

So many nights of sleep – have you chosen your favorite sleeping position yet? If not, try to think how you tend to fall asleep mostly when you hit the bed, because it might hold secrets of your psyche. Yes, your sleeping style reveals a lot about your personality.

Match these with you and people you know:

1. The freefall sleep style

If you like to fall asleep this way, then you have a friendly and welcoming personality. Especially if you tuck your hands under the pillow and like to sleep on your stomach, you can get really sensitive sometimes. Sleeping on stomach can help treat many digestive troubles. However this sleeping position is not advised because of the wrong position of neck causing irregular oxygen intake and neck pain.

freefall sleeping position

2. Do you absolutely HAVE to hug something?

You are open to people and experiences. You are emotional and people seem to find you trustworthy. You are also very trusting of others.

hugger sleeping position

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