World’s Fattest Woman Loses 800 Pounds And Now Looks Incredible!

Remember the woman whose weight broke the internet? Albeit not literally. 😛 But in case you need a memory jog, Marya Rosales was the woman who weighed 1000 lbs and couldn’t even move on her own. She stayed on bed for most of the time – for she couldn’t carry all that weight around. Wonder how such a women will do exercise to lose weight? But she did! She lost weight and now weighs only 200 lbs. You will only have to read her story to believe it because what she did is pretty much incredible.

1. Her weight loss journey was covered by TLC

She got the name ‘half ton killer’ in that show. She weighed 470 kilos earlier and was the world’s heaviest woman alive! This is what she looked like in those days (see below). She was practically unable to lift even her feet. She couldn’t get up and move around. Life was really very hard during those few days.


2. So she was practically immobile

She was as good as a person who needed help 24/7. Her family had to help her out to do even the smallest chores. She couldn’t get up, couldn’t move around, life was really difficult. There were hoist supports and chains in her room to support her.


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